Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dear public diary,

Today the cutest baby you'd ever THINK about seeing has just came into my eyes... his name is rocky... he is my second cuz and my moms nephew... right now he is about 4 months old... SO CUTTEE! Today Is my grandma's birthday so I just wanted to make a special shout out to her:

*Dear Grandma,

I hope you have all the luck in the work because ur turning.... COUGH*76*COUGH!!!! BUT i hope everyone reading this is wishing my grandma a great bday... thanks.. luv u,




Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dear public diary,

in the words of ellie... OH MY! i cant beleive i haven't posted on my blog in that long... so let me tell you what's been going on today... : my friend courtney came over and well slept over at my house, I am planning my halloween costume *im going to be an emotional twin with my other good friend kira*, I just begged my mom for a myspace but she said not until you can be more responsible ... how rude! jkjk... but still... i am going to work hard at being responsible! :)!!! I'm making a calander to keep everything put organized too... where was I? o yeah... I had apple strudle french toast made by my father, I am going to swimming practice where I have to wear one of those shower caps or swimming caps or whatever you call them (bleh), and thats basically my day so far... xD!

L.O.L (lots of love),


Saturday, October 13, 2007

dear public diary,

heyz heyz! wats up!!! long time no seeez... well anyways... i've come here for a reason... wait- i have to come here. this is my diary. o crap. well anyways... i have a GOOD reason to write here today. As i KNOW you all have seen "same dude" by mimi and flo on youtube. it's a parody of the song "same girl" by usher and kelly. Well guess what guys! i just found their blogger! here it issss:

or look at their website:

it gives you a behind the scenes look on the show!
well... im bored. so... bye.

peace n love,


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear public diary,

My brother and I are starting a mini show with our friends called alablancas flying underpants. We are going to be posting new episodes weekly... but the first episode comes out this sunday!
so visit our website then... . It's a funny show about basically alablanca, bob, bobalina, and no name (she changes charactors in every episode but just rememmber... if you wanna find out who she is think of victoria's secret... she says it in every episode!) Ohhh yeah... the show is called alablanca's flying underpants... we don't use a script... its all about the fun!!! So go for it!!! check us out!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

dear public diary,

SORY SORY SORY SORY SORY SORY SORY SORY SORY SORY SORY SORY SORY (dont feel like putting two "r"s this time) for being such a girl and putting school before blog. no ... that made no sense. anyways... I would like to make a shout out today to my friend that was not at school today... :

Kira: hey dude... wuzzup wit you? why werent u at school? anyways... if your reading this ... the devil switched our spots ( i would say our other nick name but sum people find it in their hearts to love the devil). Brett moved far away. Angie is in her same spot. this person who i dont know moved in Brett's spot, you sit next to ayla (who switched wit me), and the devil talked to me like you were dead. she was like what color do you think kira would have wanted... when she could... be here. it was funnnnny. anyways... hope ur at school tomarrow!

Also I'm going to give you my schedule for tomarrow:

6 30: wake up
640: take shower, brush hair, go downstairs
700: eat breakfast
715: brush teeth
7 30: take out trash and make bed
7 40: finish any extra homework that hasnt been done (there probably wont be)
8 00: leave for school
8 10: drop off brothers and sisters
815: get dropped off at school
8:15 and a half: hope kira goes to school
8 20: go to rocks and wait for friends
9 05: go to 1st period (MRS WILSON GRAM BLEEEEHHHH)
then go to all my other classes
3:10: finish my math test and get out of math... end of schoool
thats all for now,


Saturday, September 29, 2007

dear public diary,

Mood: sad ! sad ! sad ! sad !

Reason: Today one of my friends SAID he would come over anddddddddddd he didnt come because he invited his friends over to throw a party. I have 2 other friends coming so I think ill be fine.....

Anyways, My family is having a party today for the jewish holidays... and today we're allowed to invite some of my friends... I really wanted to invite a lot but I wasnt allowed. So here are some of the people that can go:

1. Taylor
2. Kira

Maybe list:

1. Courtney (bcuz she didn't call yet)

No go:

1. Josh (the person that was being mean)
2. Hannah (she had to do a run)


So my party isnt going to be as great as I wanted it to be but it will be fun! But I wish I had more than 2 for sure friends... my brother is inviting his friends:

1. Brett
2. Emery
3. Chris....

My sister doesnt wanna invite so much so she is inviting her bff... Emily

peace and love,


Friday, September 28, 2007

dear public diary,

Today I went to a school dance. Usually they are so lame and dumb , but i actually had fun on this one! I didnt expect it to be good... but they actually had music i like there. here is a shout out to a few of my friends.....